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Becoming a Given Consent member accomplishes so many things. The best thing, in our humble opinion, is that you're officially signing your name next to honoring WHO YOU ARE. Who you really are. And what you want, from both life and fellow humans. No hiding, no shame, no circuitous explanation. You can come home.

The next best thing is that, for us, Membership=Carefully Curated Community. Trolls and other hateful online presences are a very real threat to loving communities like ours, and they're not invited. Membership ensures that Given Consent remains a safe, open, vulnerable space to learn, grow, and love together.

Becoming a Given Consent member gives you ongoing, day-or-night access to our discussion forums, as well as the ability to sign up for events. Yeah, that's right. Having a safe community is so important to us, upcoming event details are invisible to non-members. As a member, you're automatically kept in the loop as things change. And things are changing...every day, they're changing. Given Consent is no exception.
Join today for free to start enjoying zero strings and plenty of perks. You can withdraw at any time since, of course, giving your consent once does NOT mean giving it as a blanket statement for the rest of your life...
Plus, we will neither spam you nor give away your personal details. Ever.
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