Event Prep: Poly Speed Dating Burbank

We're on track for speed dating tomorrow night in Burbank with about 26 people registered so far. This event was born from the idea that there aren't many great options for people that identify as polyamorous, kinky, or not straight to meet and date. The three options tend to be: community meets (munches, sloshes, socials), full on play parties, or dating apps.

Speed dating fills the gap, I've found a way to match people based on their gender dating preference on top of fetishes. So far, the feedback has been great. This has given people space to explore their bisexuality, without the fear of being fetishized or misunderstood or going "all in".

Today I'm entering everyone's data into the mixing software, enjoying voyeuring their preferences for the evening. We have couples, singles, straight, bi, kinky, nudist, swingers, and more in the mix.

I advertise this event on instagram, facebook, my website, and through local events. I'm constantly looking for more connection, to get more of the people looking for this kind of event. It can be rough to get found, or to find events; it's a lot of work, but it's totally worth it.

I checked out the venue last week, it looks beautiful and intimate for our evening getting to know each other. I'm printing some signs, and obsessing over details.

Am I speaking your language? Come out to an event, you won't be disappointed!

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