Virtual Poly Speed Dating

Online Events to Safely Explore Polyamory

The universe has thrown us all a curveball, but Given Consent has no intention of letting human connection fall by the wayside. We are so excited and relieved to now be offering Virtual Poly Speed Dating thanks to our friends at [[SOFTWARE PARTNER NAME]]. These are inclusive online gatherings for [[CALIFORNIANS?]] belonging to every single race, gender identity, sexual orientation, body shape, hair color, age, diet, education level, fan base...we'll keep going, we don't mind. Bottom line:



The "normal day-to-day" we knew is on hold. We don't know for how long. What we at Given Consent did know, however, is that we weren't willing to put our happiness on hold.

You'd be hard-pressed to find anyone right now—and our close-knit LA poly community is no exception—who doesn't still want, need, and deserve human connection, whether it's a romantic connection or not.

Being quarantined has led to a community-wide longing for our like-minded neighbors: those who affirm us and our genders, sexual orientations, and relationship styles.


Virtual Poly Speed Dating through [[SOFTWARE PARTNER NAME]] allows our community to keep meeting, laughing with, bonding with, and maybe even loving new like-minded best friends and partners.


What a great question! We cover this and so much more on our LA Poly Speed Dating page.
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